Monday, December 24, 2012

2012 in Review

This break from pleasantly coherent tea and life updates is brought to you by my bucket list!

2012 was a year of checkmarks--my "complete ten bucket list items" resolution was wonderfully successful! 

Over the past 12 months I've:
*Been to King's Cross and had my picture taken at the official platform 9 and 3/4
*Eaten fish and chips in England
*Had tea in England
*Irish step danced in Ireland
*Rode the Tube
*Saw Shakespeare (Julius Caesar) performed in England
*Visited Stonehenge
*...The National Gallery
*...and London (obviously).

I also slept in a hammock, read The Lord of the Rings, directed a play, did push-ups in a row, taught other homeschoolers, pulled an all nighter (do not recommend!), and studied improvisational comedy.  That's 17 items checked off of the bucket list!  My mother is begging me to slow down for fear I fulfill my life dreams before a ripe old age.
What's on the agenda for next year?  Ten more shiny check marks!  I take whatever opportunities I'm given. Have a blessed Christmas and an relaxing vacation!

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